No really, I *am* an introvert.

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This picture is going around Facebook today.  Lately I've seen lots of posts about introverts, and some of them made me go "Oh! I get it now! I'm an introvert."  The confusion has come up because I am not shy, and I do like to open my home to people.  Sometimes lots of people.  I have 7  kids, so right there is already a good number of people, right?

Last week I took my girls to see Cirque du Soleil for a matinee, and I am telling you, it took the entire evening to stim down. It's not like I had tics or anything you could put your finger on... I just wanted to be alone. In my room. The girls were so excited all they wanted to do was TALK about the show.  On the other hand, I just wanted to be alone to process the art quietly.

It took years of marriage for Jeff to figure out that when we are together and I'm silent, it's to his credit and a compliment.  When I am in a large group and I am talkative, it is because I am stressed out- or I am reciting a script in my head that just plays automatically. When I am in a large group and quiet, it's because I am stressed out. When I am with just one or two people, I can deal with THAT. But eventually, even that will wear me out. And I will find a quiet place.

So back to the picture.  The Facebook post is proclaiming Introvert Day. The premise is that after a long season of parties, the introvert can celebrate the need to plan and do nothing.  What did I do on this day?  I woke at 4:30 a.m. to the phone call of a friend in distress, and sat with her for 4 hours until I was pretty sure she was ok on her own for a while.  Then I remembered to invite someone over for dinner.  Each night this week.

So maybe I'm some kind of hybrid introvert-extravert?  Ha- no.  I like to plan and do things for others and make them comfortable- and I love to celebrate different types of people and cultures and share with them. But when it's done, I go back to my  little hidey hole until my energy is recharged. The key to knowing whether you are an introvert is, What is your energy source? 

So what are you?  Energy from people or energy from alone-ness?

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Lorri said...

You said, "...I am not shy and I do like to open my home to people."

That is a common misconception as to what an introvert is. I am an introvert, as is my daughter. We get energized by spending time alone. I wouldn't classify either of us as shy. Most introverts I know are not shy.

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