Mama, give yourself some grace

Oh, I know it.  I know how you feel like "so much is riding on these tires."  It's not like you are simply trying out a recipe ahead of the party so you can make sure it works, right?

These are PEOPLE ferpeetssake.  What if you do something WRONG? What if you aren't good enough?  What if you SCREW IT UP?

Mama,  ACCEPT.  Accept yourself, and accept the little people who were put into your loving care by the hand of God/Fate/blind luck.  Mistakes will happen, so don't be all surprised as if you expected everything to be all Bewitched. You can't just wrinkle your nose at this and expect everything to be cleaned up with a bow tied on top.

REST.  From the start: sleep when the babies sleep, blah blah blah.  But also, just rest your mind. Nothing will be solved by fretting. So rest. Trust your intuition, trust natural consequences, trust that you really didn't get a dud.  It's ok to rest and relax.

GOYB.  You really can't do this sitting down. And you really can't do this if you are really focused on escaping.  Escapism is not parenting. (I know, I tried it.)

LAUGH.  Go ahead.  It IS funny. Even when they smash oatmeal into their hair. Or dump it on the floor and lick it up.

CRY. When you need to. But not in front of them too much, it freaks them out, and they need to know you're strong enough to keep them safe. So sometimes we have to fake-it-til-we-make-it.

REACH OUT.  This is not an individual medley, it's a relay. Find partners, make a tribe. Quit laughing at whatserface for saying "it takes a village" because we all know it's true.

You are doing a good job.  We can only do what we can do on any given day. This isn't a competition. So when you're trying to figure out who to blame, give yourself some grace, OK?

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