Horrific Winter Hands

Do your hands get horrible in the winter?  Mine can. I think it's genetic. My man's hands are always soft. Never need lotion. I remember my grandfather would have little bits of tape on his fingers, covering up splits in the skin. He was always rubbing Camphor Ice onto his knuckles. Camphor Ice was always in my house- several in each room. Sadly Camphor Ice is a relic of the past.

This year I have found a neat substitute!  I learned (the hard way) some years ago that "expired" sunscreen does not protect you from sunburn.  But I hate to throw away sunscreen.  The waterproof stuff is just not a "lotion" you want to use if you don't have to... right?

Enter the winter hands.   Waterproof sunscreen may not protect us on a day at the beach-  but it is a GREAT hand lotion in the winter.  Mine is True Blue Spa from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It doesn't feel sticky and nasty, it actually feels kind of silky.  But the best part is, it seems to protect my hands longer and better than any other hand lotion I've ever used in the winter.

Plus, it is a great way to use up the summer's sunscreen instead of tossing it in the trash!

Works for me!

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